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Holiday Safety Tips

To keep this time restful and safe, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

The University of California Police Department would like to wish the campus community a safe and restful holiday season. This year, the campus will be closed for curtailment but many days through mid January are also quiet on campus. The change in campus activity during the curtailment period affects how you need to think about safety. Thefts can become more frequent during the holiday season, partly because of increased opportunity. Whether you’re working on campus through the break, staying home, or leaving town, we hope you keep these safety tips in mind.


Leaving? Lock Up and Power Down

We strongly urge you to remove valuable items from your room or office before you leave campus.  However, if this is not possible, keep your valuables out of sight and lock them away in a drawer, closet or other secure location. Additionally, close all drapes and blinds before you leave. Decreasing the visibility of empty offices is the goal.

Prior to leaving for the break, please ensure that you turn off and unplug non-essential electronics and electrical devices, and lock your windows and doors. The holiday break also happens to be the campus’s energy curtailment period, so every saved watt counts!

Staying? UCPD's Safety Services Stays With You

Rest assured that UCPD will still be here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some units within UCPD will be closed or operate at reduced staffing during the break, but our Patrol Division will be fully staffed over the holidays. Police services are always available at the station, Room 1 Sproul Hall. Enter through the south basement doors on the Bancroft Ave side of the building.

The BearWALK Service remains in operation 365 days a year., providing a walking escort after dark. To request an escort, call 510/642-WALK (9255). After 3am call BearWALK and make your request for a ride to a destination. Read more about BearWALK service boundaries.

Night Safety Shuttles will discontinue service during curtailment.

NOTE: Parking and Transportation’s BearTransit Night Safety Shuttles will discontinue service during curtailment. Complete routes and service schedule details can be found on the Parking and Transportation website.

Be Alert While You're Here

Whether you’re staying in the dorms, or working here though the holiday, you can help keep things safer on campus by being aware of strangers and reacting if something doesn't seem right.

Politely offer assistance to persons in your building or work area whom you do not recognize. If they have legitimate business, they will appreciate your help. If they do not, ask them to leave. Report any suspicious person or activity to the Police as soon as you can. Tell us “where, what, who, when and how” by dialing 911 (or 510/642-3333 from cell phones).


Before you Leave Your Residence

  • Lock and bolt all entrance doors and windows.

  • Close your drapes and blinds
  • Consider using timers on lights and on radios or televisions to give your residence the appearance of being occupied.

TIP: In terms of your home phone answering machine, don’t let your outgoing message advertise that you’re away. Also, it’s a good idea in general, to avoid saying what your name is or that you’re alone. Just to be on the safe side, always use the plural, whether you live alone or not. Say, “We’re not available to take your call right now,” not, “I’m not here right now.”

Many of us are now using Social Media to stay in touch with loved ones and friends. Unfortunately, we must remain on guard whenever we broadcast information to the World Wide Web. Thieves recognize a potential burglary victim when they see messages like, "We're gone until Tuesday!" or "Off to Rome for the month!". UCPD hopes you won't communicate through public channels what your vacation plans are.


Discourage auto-burglaries

  • Park in well lighted, heavily populated areas.

  • Never leave holiday presents and valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked.  Put them in the trunk out of sight.

  • Close all windows and lock all doors before leaving your vehicle.

TIP: Don't let your car give any clues about you if a persistent burglar manages to break in. Make copy of your registration and insurance, and keep them in your wallet or purse.  Then remove all forms of identification from your vehicle.  Anyone with permission to drive your vehicle should also have a copy of the registration and insurance with them to furnish to the police if necessary.


Know your Emergency Telephone Numbers


1 Sproul Hall

Emergency Telephone Number via Campus Phone - 9-1-1

Emergency Telephone Number via Cell Phone – (510) 642-3333

Non-Emergencies Telephone Number - (510) 642-6760

Berkeley Police Department,

2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Emergency Telephone Number: 911

Emergency Telephone Number via Cell Phone - (510) 981-5911

Non-Emergency Telephone Number - (510) 981-5900        

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In an EMERGENCY, from a cell phone on or near campus, dial 510 642-3333
If you have any questions, please contact UCPD:
Email the police
Visit us at 1 Sproul Hall (basement), near Telegraph Avenue & Bancroft Way
Office Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Station Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mail us at University of California Police Department, Berkeley, Records Unit
1 Sproul Hall, MC #1199, Berkeley, CA 94720-1199
Phone: 510 642-6760, 24 hours a day
Fax: 510 643-4655
Records Unit Services Offered: Livescan Fingerprinting is done by appointment only, Tuesday Friday; Lost & Found Services are available Monday Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Court Order Bookings are done by by appointment only Monday Friday; Records Requests are also available.
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