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Frequently Asked Questions

for Night Safety Services (BearWALK and Night Safety Shuttles)

When can I use Night Safety Services?

Night Safety Services which are jointly offered by UC Police and the department of Parking & Transportation (P&T). It operates year-round from dusk until about 6AM. Exact time that service begins is affected by Daylight Savings Time. All Night Safety Services (BearWALKs and shuttles) begin operation after dark, at dusk. However dusk varies with the season:

  • Fall and Winter -- usually 6:00 PM
  • Spring -- 7:00 PM during daylight savings time
  • Summer Break -- usually 8:00 PM

The last service request is taken at 5:30 AM via phone or online.

Should I use a Night Safety Shuttle?

Depends on whether you are ready to leave your location before 3 AM. If so, then you should check whether your destination is along the set shuttle routes shown on the map at Remember, before 3 AM, shuttles make regular stops. A shuttle will stop at Memorial Glade/Moffitt Library every half hour until 3 AM, but after 3 AM shuttles that are dispatched will take you from Door-to-Door.

If you make a BearWALK request before 3 AM, you will receive a walk. Both your point of pick up and your destination must be within service boundaries.

For requests made after 3 AM, "Door-to-Door" shuttles will be dispatched to requesters within PICK UP boundaries, but DROP OFF boundaries are extended to Hopkins, Sacramento, Ashby and Euclid and Eunice.

Are you making a request fo a group? Feel free to simply walk together! You don't need BearWALK if you are a party of 4 or more. Walking in groups is encouraged!

Can I make a request by phone?

  • Call 510/642-9255 to reach the automated telephone dispatch system.
  • CalNet ID is not required for phone dispatch. (Night safety services are provided free of charge to the whole community.)
  • Regular users can request rides to and from frequent locations with a few touch tones.
  • Operators can be reached by pressing "0."

Can I call in advance?

No. More advance reservations not accepted. Make your request only when you are ready to go because BearWALK cannot wait longer than 5 minutes for you to meet them when they have arrived.

Allow us 15 minutes to dispatch the service and call you back.

Note the last request time of 5:30 AM.

How will I know my BearWALK or Door-to-Door Shuttle is here?

The dispatch system will call you to tell you the if it has arrived, but be sure to stay on the line to hear exactly where they are waiting for you,

The CSO walker or the Shuttle could be on the other side of a building. (The Shuttles will always be on a street side.)

If you don't listen, you may exceed your 5-minute wait limit, your request will be marked as a "No Show" and be deleted!

Remember: Always wait in a safe place.

How can I identify a BearWALK CSO?

CSOs will have a UCPD-issued identification card showing their full name and their badge number. When working as BearWALKers, they always wear yellow and blue shirts and jackets that have "CSO" on the back, the CSO Seal on the left breast, and a UC Police Department patch on the upper arm. See picture of what a CSO looks like.

What if I need a ride before 3AM?

The Night Safety Program is offered to get you safely from campus locations to your residence, or BART. If you must be driven to your location and the night safety shuttle routes do not accommodate you, we recommend contacting your local taxi service.

Taxi Cab Service
National Dispatch Service - 800.TAXICAB

Does the Night Safety Shuttle run tonight?

Check out this Google calendar of the Night Safety Shuttle Schedule. Add it to your own Google Calendar.


More About BearWALK and Night Safety

BearWALK is the walking escort service run by student employees of UCPD known as Community Service Officers. Both the dispatchers working behind the scenes and the walkers who show up to get you there, are CSOs. They handle all night safety calls and dispatch about 40 walks and rides per night. They do such a good job that the developers of our automated dispatch service (RideCell) has named them, "the best dispatchers we've worked with."

Dispatchers use the RideCell software and their experience to determine the estimated arrival time of BearWALK service, depending upon staffing and call volume, and you may share the ride with others going to that area. Wait times may be longer than 15 minutes on a very busy night.

If you have any concerns, you can contact UCPD any time at the non-emergency number 510-642-6760.

Night safety service hours and policies are subject to change.

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In an EMERGENCY, from a cell phone on or near campus, dial 510 642-3333
If you have any questions, please contact UCPD:
Email the police
Visit us at 1 Sproul Hall (basement), near Telegraph Avenue & Bancroft Way
Office Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Station Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mail us at University of California Police Department, Berkeley, Records Unit
1 Sproul Hall, MC #1199, Berkeley, CA 94720-1199
Phone: 510 642-6760, 24 hours a day
Fax: 510 643-4655
Records Unit Services Offered: Livescan Fingerprinting is done by appointment only, Tuesday Friday; Lost & Found Services are available Monday Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Court Order Bookings are done by by appointment only Monday Friday; Records Requests are also available.


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