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Community Service Officer Program

The Community Service Officer Program is the student-run organization within the police department. The program's major activity is the operation of the BearWALK Service 365-nights a year.


Program Mission Statement Organizational Values Job Description Hiring Information


Service areas include:

• Operation of the BearWALK Night Safety Service
• Nighttime patrol of the residence halls
• Nighttime patrol of the California Memorial Stadium
• High-visibility crime watch patrol of the central campus

For all inquires regarding the CSO Program contact the Safety Program Administrator at (510) 642-9109

Mission Statement

Through its various activities, the Community Service Officer Program achieves its primary mission of promoting campus safety by maintaining positive contacts with the university community through community service, while providing para-professional assistance to the U.C. Berkeley Police Department.

Additionally, the Community Service Officer Program is designed to promote the personal and professional development of each and every Community Service Officer.

Organizational Values

Community Service

is the ultimate goal of our organization. Community service is an attitude of caring and desire to help the campus community. We strive for quality, timeliness, and excellence in our services.


is at the core of our work. Integrity is being honest and ethical with both ourselves and others. We accept responsibility for our actions and are willing to learn from our mistakes, thereby earning respect, credibility, and the public's trust.


is the style in which we carry out our duties. Professionalism is a projection of the responsibility and pride we have in our position. We hold ourselves to high standards by continuous evaluation of ourselves and our program.


is the quality we exhibit in our interaction and communication with others. Sensitivity is a display of respect for the desires and rights of other individuals. We want to respond to others in a tactful, understanding, and helpful manner.

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Job Types

Community Service Officers can work a number of different shifts, each with specific duties and goals. These duties can range from speaking to a thousand incoming freshman about crime prevention to patrolling the Berkeley hills in search of illegal campers and fire hazards. Regardless of the assignment, however, CSOs are always present as resources for the community and act as "eyes and ears" for the Police Department. Following is a description of many of the various duties you can perform as a CSO.

  • BearWalk Nighttime Safety Service (walking escort, driving, dispatching)
    Housing Patrol
    Rover Hybrid Shift
    Boalt Library Patrol
    Records Specialist
    Special Event Security
    Traffic Direction
    Hill Patrol

"The Escort Shift"

BearWalk Nighttime Safety Service (walking escort, driving, dispatching)

One of three shifts performed every day, 365 days a year. The escort shift runs from early evening until 4 A.M. After a briefing and inspection held by the CSO in charge, escort CSOs hit the street. A CSO dispatcher receives calls from the campus community, and dispatches CSOs to escort the caller to their destination, or the nearest campus shuttle which will take them to their destination. While not performing escorts, CSOs patrol campus, checking to ensure buildings are secure and being observant in case a crime should occur. CSOs who have completed additional training may work the escort shift on a bicycle.

Housing Patrol

During this shift, which runs from 9 P.M. until 4 A.M., CSOs patrol Foothill, Clark Kerr, and the three units in order to promote the safety of dormitory residents and their possessions. One CSO drives a vehicle, providing transportation for walking CSOs and patrolling the dormitory properties.

Rover Hybrid Shift

From 9 P.M. until 4 A.M., an additional CSO drives a vehicle, assisting escort CSOs by providing them with transportation to escort pick-up locations, from drop-off locations, and to their residence at the end of shift. The rover hybrid CSO also receives escorts from the dispatcher, picking them up and taking them to their destination by vehicle.

Boalt Library Patrol

While school is in session, two CSOs maintain a presence in the Boalt School of Law Library, at night, on weekdays, and additionally during the day on weekends, in order to maintain the security of the library’s collection, patrons, and patrons’ possessions.

Records Specialist

During business hours, records trained CSOs assist UCPD’s records division with various duties, including taking fingerprints for criminal background checks, answering phones, filing paperwork, and managing the campus’ lost and found.

Hill Patrol

After working a minimum of six months, CSOs can apply to Hill Patrol. When the weather permits, Hill CSOs patrol the Berkeley Hills east of campus. Two Hill CSOs work together to conduct security checks of campus property, both on foot and in an all-terrain vehicle, watching for fire and other hazards, illegal campers, and citizens in distress. A day’s events may require the Hill CSOs to move a rattlesnake from a firetrail or be the first responders to a vehicle accident.



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CSO Online Job Application

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In an EMERGENCY, from a cell phone on or near campus, dial 510 642-3333
If you have any questions, please contact UCPD:
Email the police
Visit us at 1 Sproul Hall (basement), near Telegraph Avenue & Bancroft Way
Office Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Station Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mail us at University of California Police Department, Berkeley, Records Unit
1 Sproul Hall, MC #1199, Berkeley, CA 94720-1199
Phone: 510 642-6760, 24 hours a day
Fax: 510 643-4655
Records Unit Services Offered: Livescan Fingerprinting is done by appointment only, Tuesday Friday; Lost & Found Services are available Monday Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Court Order Bookings are done by by appointment only Monday Friday; Records Requests are also available.



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