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Clery Act & Crime Reporting

Tutorial for Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Act Overview

Jeanne Clery, a 19-year-old Lehigh University freshman, was assaulted and murdered in her dorm room in April 1986. The Jeanne Clery Act was enacted in the belief that crime awareness can prevent campus victimization. The law requires colleges and universities receiving federal funding to prepare, publish, and distribute, by October 1 of each year, campus security policies and crime statistics. These campus security policies and crime statistics must be distributed through appropriate publications or mailings, to all current students and employees, and made available to any applicant for enrollment or employment upon request. "Safety Counts" serves as the campus security report for the UC Berkeley Campus.

What this means is the University of California, Berkeley must publish a Campus Security Report each year that contains a number of policies related to campus security as well as crime statistics from the University of California Police Department, local law enforcement, and from "Campus Security Authorities." The Jeanne Clery Act defines a Campus Security Authority (CSA) as: a campus police department, individuals with campus security responsibility, individuals designated by the campus, and officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities. For detailed descriptions please see the CSA definitions below.

It is important that the identified CSAs comply with the Jeanne Clery Act reporting requirements. Each Clery Act compliance violation or misrepresentation could result in $35,000 fines and the Department of Education could suspend any or all federal financial aid for the University.

All CSAs are responsible for collecting and reporting certain crimes that are reported to them by students and employees. UCPD will be collecting this information on an annual basis and a statistical report must be forwarded by each CSA (or designated CSA liaisons for large departments) to the University Police Department. This web site has been prepared to assist UC Berkeley CSAs in complying with the Clery Act reporting requirements. The University Police will be responsible for compiling the statistics. Claudia Archer,Crime Prevention Unit ( (510) 642-9113 or ), is responsible for assisting departments in classifying crimes and filling out the statistic reports.

What Does This Mean for a CSA?

The CSA will be required to use the Campus Security Authority Crime Report form for each incident reported to them as they are reported.

The online report is designed to facilitate immediate timely reporting of incidents, but if you have been keeping a record of incidents up until now (in Excel or other file), rather than enter each incident one by one, you may deliver your record of many incidents to the Clery Authority via email, or in person at UCPD. Call to find the best method.

All reports will be logged and reviewed within days by the campus Clery Authority, Claudia Archer and she will contact you for more information if necessary and be available for questions.

Please begin reporting incidents using this method from now on.

How to Compile CSA Statistics

CSAs are responsible for collecting and reporting the incidence of certain crimes (murder, forcible sex offenses, non-forcible sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, simple assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, manslaughter, and arson, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking) that are reported to them by any person (faculty, staff, student, or non-affiliated person). We recommend that departments with multiple CSAs designate a CSA facilitator (liaison). This CSA facilitator would be responsible for ensuring each CSA has the resources to submit their report forms in a timely manner, and could liaison with the campus Clery Authority if there are questions.

When using the online form, check the box to send a copy of the report to yourself for each online submission. You willl receive a copy via email to confirm your report.

How to report with the Online Campus Security Authority Report Form

The Campus Security Authority Report Form may be used by anyone who has been identified as a Campus Security Authority. Even if a CSA has no incidents to report, we are logging all responses and a response to the form is required by the reporting deadline.

All crime reports for the calendar year can be delivered as they are collected by logging in to bConnected with your CalNet ID and filling out the form for that incident. Your identity will be collected with the report and the Clery Authority will contact you to clarify details if necessary.

The online report is designed to facilitate immediate timely reporting of incidents. Please begin submitting incidents that have occurred this year.

A report must be submitted when a person reports a crime to any CSA if the crime occurred in reportable locations defined by the Clery Act (please consult the location definitions).

General information about reporting is available in Safety Counts in print or online.

If in doubt, contact Claudia Archer, Crime Prevention Unit( (510) 642-9113 or )

Experience an Error?

NOTE: This form is a GoogleDocs based form through bConnected. If you are logged in with a different Google ID on this browser, please log out of that ID then reload this page to see the CalNet Authentication form.

Call for Reports of Incidents
Campus Security Authority Report Form

Please submit reports for incidents. Be sure to specify at least the calendar year that the incident occurred. (1/1/XX)

The CSA Report Form


Friday, May 16, 2014

The online report is designed to facilitate immediate timely reporting of incidents, but if you have been keeping a record of incidents up until now (in Excel or other file), rather than enter each incident one by one, you may deliver your record of many incidents to the Clery Authority via email, or in person at UCPD. Begin by using the form above and you will be directed to a place to log in and securely upload your file.

About specifying date of an incident

Please begin reporting incidents as they occur and as you are made aware of them. We are transitioning to a system that allows more timely reporting. Please be sure to enter the calendar year. Use 1/1/2014, for example, for incidents for which the day and month is unknown, but which did occur in 2014.


Campus Security Act Definitions

Terms as defined by the Jeanne Clery Act.

Campus Security Authorities

Crime Class Definitions

Location Definitions

Noncampus Locations


Campus Security Authority Training Sessions

UCOP has developed a Powerpoint presentation to help Campus Security Authorities understand the Clery Act, why they have been designated as a CSA, and what is required of them as CSAs.   To assist you in better understanding the requirements, definitions and procedures involved with compliance to the Clery Act UCPD will meet with CSAs to hold training sessions.  Please contact Claudia Archer at (510) 642-9113 or to receive training.

You can also download Clery Act Campus Security Authority Powerpoint Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Or you may view extensive materials and the

Dept. of Education Online Training at

Documents Available for Download

These documents reflect our previous method of collecting statistics. If you have many things to report at once, you may use these forms to compile your stats and upload the finished files through the bConnected Google CSA-Report-Form. Otherwise, simply use the CSA report form to report single incidents at a time.

Clery Act Crimes Yearly Tally Sheet (Microsoft Excel document, 22 KB)

Campus Security Authority Crime Report Form (Microsoft Word document, 24KB)

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