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Police Department
Emergency Preparedness at EHS
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UCPD Contact Information

Dial 9-1-1 dial from any phone
An emergency is a case of imminent threat to life or property    
Dial UCPD Emergency direct from a cell phone on or near campus
(510) 642-3333
direct to UCPD dispatch from cell
Use a blue light phone
press red button
dispatch will see phone's location
Learn more about reporting at this page, How to Report Crime


These information sources will be activated    
Emergency Information Line
Emergency Information Website
Emergency Information Campus Radio Station
KALX FM 90.7
WarnMe Campus Emergency Messaging System
All persons with a CalNet account will receive alerts in an emergency. Add or change ways you can be contacted at the WarnMe website.
Siren and Announcement, Alerting and Warning System (AWS). Note the siren is tested on the first Wednesday of every month.

Non-Emergency Contact-- Available 24-hours

from business, to general questions, your call will be directed  
1 Sproul Hall Berkeley, California 94720-1199 (510) 642-6760
send a text to UCPD to report suspicious activity and stay anonymous    
CalTIP Anonymous Text Message Service (510) 664-8477 (4-TIPS)
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Chief of Police

Margo Bennett, Chief of Police (510) 642-1133
Jennifer Woods, Executive Assistant, Training Manager (510) 643-7500
Kalonica McQuesten, Visual Communications (510) 643-6442


Finance, Budget, HR/Payroll


Kevin Bentz, Budget Manager

(510) 643-1954
Carmen Williams, Business Services Manager (Payables and Receivables) (510) 642-4303
Carole Salerno, HRC Representative (510) 664-9795
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Operations Division

Alex Yao, Operations Division Captain (510) 643-9597


Marc DeCoulode, Patrol Lieutenant (510) 642-9088
Patrol Sergeants' Office (510) 642-4832  
Building Watch Officer Program Coordinator--Sergeant Nicole Sanchez (510) 642-4832 (#4)

Special Operations


Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB)

John Suezaki, Lieutenant (510) 642-1296
Andrew Tucker, Sergeant (510) 664-9687
Jonathan Clark Caires, Detective/Investigator (510) 642-0482
Nicholas Hernandez, Detective/Warrant Officer (510) 642-3184

Threat Management Unit (TMU)

Brendan Tinney, Detective (510) 642-3658
Pete Odyniec, Detective (510) 642-1606
Harry Bennigson, Detective (510) 642-4909

Security Patrol Officer Program

Oscar Lopez, Security Patrol Supervisor (510) 642-4530
Mayra Rios, Security Patrol Supervisor (510) 642-9162

Special Events Office

Special Events (Carol Alfano) (510) 643-0795
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Administration & Community Outreach Division


Administration Unit

Lee Harris, Captain (510) 642-0799
Joey Williams, Lieutenant
(Complaints, Internal Affairs, Payroll, Order & Policy)
(510) 642-1134
Sabrina Reich, Administrative Sergeant (Recruiting, Policies. Orders) (510) 642-1157
Complaint Investigation Process (510) 643-7500 online resource

Services & Homeland Security Unit

Stephen Stoll, Manager, Services & Homeland Security (510) 642-1258


Tyrone Morrison, Records and Communications Supervisor (510) 642-9110
Regina Kiser, Lead Dispatcher (510) 642-6760
Police Records (includ. LiveScan, Lost & Found) 8 AM to 5 PM, M–F (510) 642-6760

Information Technology

Chris Jansen, Information Systems Analyst (510) 642-9135
Ken Snyder, Information Systems Administrator (510) 643-6284

Facilities & Property

Dennis Traille (Facilities Specialist) (510) 643-6581
Troy Cheli (Property Specialist) (510) 643-8646

Outreach Unit

Ava Snyder, Lieutenant, (Clery Act Compliance, Community Outreach, Crime Prevention Units (510) 642-3679

Crime Prevention Unit (CPU)

Roy Nunes, Crime Prevention Supervisor (510) 643-8988
Wade MacAdam, Crime Prevention Officer (510) 642-3722
Tracie Mennenga, Security Specialist, Access Control (510) 643-9375
Sparky Carranza, Security Specialist, Video (510) 642-9101
Arnold Widodo, Security Specialist, Alarms (510) 642-0469
Maria Garcia-Perez, Security Specialist, Keys (510) 643-5816

Residential Security Program

Billy Brashear, Residential Security Sergeant (510) 642-8561

Night Safety/Community Service Officer (CSO) Program

Carol Alfano, Safety Program Administrator (510) 642-9109
BearWALK Night Safety Service (510) 642-9255 2-WALK,
BearWALK/CSO Coordinator, (during the day) (510) 642-7931 webpage with BearWALK info
Night Safety Services Information Page webpage with info for campus Night Safety Services, including shuttles, and BearWALK
Bike Licensing Information   webpage with Bike Info

Communications and Outreach

Claudia Phillips-Archer, Clery Act Compliance, Survivor Resource Specialist (510) 642-9113
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UCPD Fax Numbers

Office of the Chief / Administration (510) 642-6434  
Records and Services (510) 643-4655  
Crime Prevention (510) 643-2186  
Field Operations (510) 643-8224  

Other Campus Resources


Survivor Resources on Campus

Survivor Support Website
University Health Services, Crisis Counseling for students (855) 817-5667  

Other Complaint Procedure Resources on Campus

Campus Police Review Board (510) 642-7518 web
ASUC Student Advocate's Office (510) 642-6912 web
Community Relations (510) 643-5299 web
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Ombuds Offices

Ombuds Office for Faculty (510) 642-4226 web
Ombuds Office for Staff & Non-Senate Academics (510) 642-7823 web
Ombuds Office for Students (510) 642-5754 web

Other Campus Authorities & Resources

Office of the Dean of Students (510) 642-6770 web
Center for Student Conduct (510) 643-9069 web
LEAD (510) 642-5171 web
Student Legal Services   web
Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (Title IX and Title VI) (510) 643-7985 web
Vice Chancellor - Administration (510) 642-3100 web || email
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City of Berkeley Police Department

General Business Line (510) 981-5900  
Emergency dial from a cell phone (510) 981-5911  
Bicycle Resources   web
Community Services Division   web
Crime Prevention Programs   web
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Other Local Law Enforcement

Alameda County Sheriff's Department (510) 667-7721 web
Albany Police Department (510) 525-7300  
BART Police Department (510) 464-7000 web
El Cerrito Police Department (510) 237-3233  
Emeryville Police Department (510) 596-3700  
Oakland Police Department (510) 238-3481 web
Richmond Police Department (510) 620-6901  
San Francisco Police Department (415) 553-0123 web
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In an EMERGENCY, from a cell phone on or near campus, dial 510 642-3333
If you have any questions, please contact UCPD:
Email the police
Visit us at 1 Sproul Hall (basement), near Telegraph Avenue & Bancroft Way
Office Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Station Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mail us at University of California Police Department, Berkeley, Records Unit
1 Sproul Hall, MC #1199, Berkeley, CA 94720-1199
Phone: 510 642-6760, 24 hours a day
Fax: 510 643-4655
Records Unit Services Offered: Livescan Fingerprinting is done by appointment only, Tuesday Friday; Lost & Found Services are available Monday Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Court Order Bookings are done by by appointment only Monday Friday; Records Requests are also available.




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